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Coverplas is an innovative supplier of crop protection netting to the commercial viticultural and horticultural markets around the world. Our mission is to provide commercial growers around the world with the best elementary cover from wildlife and the vagaries of nature.

We specialise in premium polymer netting for crop protection, for example for bird and wildlife protection in vineyards, and hail protection in orchards. Our nets are custom designed to suit harsh local climatic and growing conditions.

We take pride in using our collaborative approach, listening to our customers and combining our industry experience with that of our suppliers, to come up with solutions that provide unique, effective products and positive, value for money experiences for our customers.

Our experienced team has established key relationships in the industry and alongwith our world class supply chains, we offer innovation and versatility in the design, delvelopment and delivery of all products. Our progressive team is constantly working on the latest product or idea to better suit crop protection requirements.

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NETTING TO THE RESCUE: Burgundy, the premier wine growing region in France, has had a tough year as the region has been hit several times with hail damaging the grape crops. Winemakers are generally averse to trialling and mechanisms to protect grapes that may affect the the wines down the track. The Burgundy wine Council (BIVB) is making a regional attempt to trial hail netting to prevent the loss of grapes to hail. Hailstorms have affected over 5000 ha of grapes in the regions of Pommard, Volnay, Mersault and Beaune.

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