Netting Solutions For Viticulture And Horticulture

About Us

Coverplas is an innovative supplier of crop protection nets to the commercial viticultural and horticultural markets across continents. 

Coverplas was established in 2011 on the back of over a decade of experience in providing growers with premium crop protection textiles in New Zealand. Our products have been successfully sold for several years in USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and India. Our nets are custom designed to suit harsh local climatic and growing conditions.

Our mission is to provide commercial growers around the world with the best elementary cover from wildlife and the vagaries of nature. We are a keen and focused company that is all about our customers/growers and their crop protection. 

We work directly with our customers using a well-coordinated approach between our sales and production team, to offer innovation and versatility in the design, development and delivery of new products and solutions for crop protection. Our progressive team is constantly working on the latest product or idea to better suit crop protection requirements.

We add value to our customers' businesses by providing solutions and ideas that protect valuable crops and produce. We take pride in investing the time to understand our customers' unique needs. We strive to deliver an unparalleled customer experience in our field. We strive for Better Net Results.

If you have netting requirement that is beyond our current product range, or have crops that need protection from wildlife or the elements of nature, contact the team that will find the most optimal solution, please contact our team at Coverplas.

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