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VineShade Net designed to protect the Fruit Zone from extreme shading and heat.

VINESHADE™ Side Panel Net is a knitted round filament durable long life shade net designed to protect the fruit zone and canopy from the harsh strong sun and heat that affects vineyards planted in North South orientation. Vineshade protects the vines from extreme heat and sunburn by reducing the impact of the Sun’s harsh rays on the fruiting zone. It is a versatile net that also offer added protection from moderate to heavy bird pressure, wildlife and insects. It is a stronger and more cost effective alternative to flat tape or extruded netting.


  • Designed for shading and bird protection applications.
  • Round filament is stronger and longer lasting than flat tape or extruded shade net.
  • Narrow widths to protect fruiting zone from sun burn.
  • Ideal for vineyards planted in a North South orientation.
  • Optimal shading does not obstruct necessary light.
  • Eyelets and reinforced selvedges for easy hanging.
  • High puncture resistance.
  • Knitted virgin HDPE round monofilament.
  • Lock stitched for additional tear strength.
  • UV stabilised for 10 season pro-rata warranty against UV degradation.
  • 90 - 175 GSM (2.65 - 5.16 Oz/ Sq. Yd.)  Weight.
  • 0.6M- 1M (24” to 40”) widths.
  • 300M - 600M (990’- 2000') roll lengths or as required.
  • Green, Black or White.
  • Recyclable.
  • 30% to 70% Shade Options.

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Product Images

  • VineShade In Application  » Click to zoom ->

    VineShade In Application

  • Vinshade 30% Shade Net With Reinforced Edges And Eyelets  » Click to zoom ->

    Vinshade 30% Shade Net With Reinforced Edges And Eyelets