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VITIGARD is a heavy durable over row drape netting designed specifically to maximise canopy and fruit protection against high bird pressure and hail damage. A thicker yarn diameter effectively reduces hail damage to vines and fruit.

VITIGARD is a 4 x 10mm (>3/8”) triangle mesh overrow net that is suitable for protection against seasonal and unseasonal hail and moderate to heavy bird pressure. It has reinforced edges with eyelets every 3” for ease of attachment to the top or bottom wire. Vitigard offers tremendous flexibility of application. It can be installed as a seasonal over row net or it can be stored on the vine thereby eliminating storage, reducing handling, application and retrieval costs. Alternatively it can be installed overhead as a permanent lockout structure with a pitched roof. 



  • Designed to stay on the trellis all year round or overhead as a lockout structure.
  • Considerably reduced application costs.
  • Suitable for hail protection and moderate to heavy bird pressure.
  • High puncture resistance.
  • Reinforced edges with eyelets every 3”.
  • High air flow and light transmission
  • Knitted virgin HDPE round monofilament.
  • Heavy weight and lock stitched for additional tear strength.
  • UV stabilised for 10 season pro-rata warranty against UV degradation.
  • 4mm x 10mm (>3/8”) triangle mesh.
  • 4m (13'), 5m (16.5') and 6.5m (21.5') widths.
  • 300m (990’) roll lengths.
  • Black or White. Other colours on request.
  • Recyclable.
  • Optional flame resistance finish available (minimums apply)

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Product Images

  • Vitigard Overhead Permanent Structure Net  » Click to zoom ->

    Vitigard Overhead Permanent Structure Net

  • Vitigard Over Row Lay Over Net  » Click to zoom ->

    Vitigard Over Row Lay Over Net